Couples Therapy

Deciding whether to leave or stay? Get married or end the relationship? Stay married or separate? Have kids or decide against parenthood?

Whether you're struggling with these decisions due to problems with communication, trust, or other issues, couples therapy can help.

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Premarital Couples Therapy

Are you engaged to be married? Or considering marriage down the road?

More and more couples are coming to therapy before the wedding. Strengthening your relationship now is a smart investment and can help you feel more confident about your decision to marry!

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Individual Therapy

Are you struggling with a relationship decision but in need of individual support? Perhaps your partner is unwilling to join you for couples therapy, or you'd rather explore your issues one on one?

Individual therapy can help you gain clarity on your relationship problems, improve your role in them, and make thoughtful decisions about your future.

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Entrepreneur Therapy: Online

Is your start-up taking a toll on your mental health? Are you struggling to stay sane while building the next game-changing company?

Entrepreneur therapy can help!  Gain clarity, a new path forward, and make business decisions with confidence - all online at your convenience.

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