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Exceptional Relationship Therapy for VA Couples

Deciding to Marry

The marriage decision is one of the biggest ones you’ll make in life!  Make it with confidence, clarity, and effective tools.  Read More >>

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Deciding to Separate & Divorce or Remain Married

Many couples find themselves deeply unhappy and at a decision point in their marriage.  If this is you, couples counseling can help you determine if your relationship can be saved and flourish again, or end well if you ultimately decide to separate.  Read More >>

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Deciding to Leave or Stay after Infidelity

Cheating and affairs can shatter even the strongest of relationships.  Couples counseling after infidelity can help you and your partner determine if the relationship can thrive again with rebuilt trust, and give you to insight and tools to get there.  Read More >>

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Deciding to Parent or Remain Childfree

Many couples struggle with the decision over whether to add children to their relationship or remain childfree.  Couples therapy can give you a safe and supportive space to explore this decision and make it with confidence.  Read More >>

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No matter how strong your relationship is, at some point you will run into communication problems.  Couples counseling will give you effective tools to target these issues and fix your bad patterns for good!  Read More >>

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Sex & Affection

Remaining satisfied with the sex and affection between you and your partner can be a challenge over the course of your relationship.  Use couples therapy to reconnect and rekindle this part of your relationship.  Read More >>

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Interracial, Intercultural, & Interfaith Relationships

Are you and your partner from different racial, cultural, or faith backgrounds?  Has this been both a point of strength and a source of conflict for you both?  If so, you’re not alone.  Couples counseling can provide safety and guidance through these challenges.  Read More >>

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Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

Couples therapy is not the only way to work on your relationship issues, and you certainly have important relationships in your life beyond the one with your partner.  Individual therapy for your relationship issues may be a good option for you depending on your situation.  Read More >>

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