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Individual Relationship Counseling

Exceptional Relationship Therapy for VA Couples

Life is full of difficult moments, circumstances, and decisions. There are times when these things get the best of us and stop us from living the life we deserve.

If you find yourself constantly disappointed and upset by unstable relationships and acting in ways that aren’t really “you,” it may be time to be proactive and get help.

Individual therapy gives you the space to explore a wide variety of issues that may be standing in your way and holding you back from getting the most out of your relationships.

Whether you’re struggling with major family issues like conflict with a parent, or relationship issues like uncertainty about staying with your partner, this type of therapy offers you a private and safe place to focus on important issues and regain control of your life.

Common relationship issues that can be addressed in individual therapy:

  • Relationship problems – with dating partners, spouses, or family members
  • Relationship transitions – such as support through divorce, transition to parenthood
  • Role strain – work/life balance between your roles as a spouse, parent, caregiver for an aging parent, busy professional, etc.

When is individual therapy helpful for relationships?

  • When your partner refuses to join you in therapy
  • When your partner’s schedule does not allow for attending counseling sessions
  • When you’re in a long-distance relationship and your partner lives too far away to join you for counseling sessions
  • When you are single and looking to improve your dating patterns and other significant relationships (for example, with family members)

individual relationship therapy in Reston

FAQs About Individual Therapy

How often should I attend individual therapy sessions?

Many clients begin individual therapy on a weekly basis, and then switch to once or twice per month or “as-needed” appointments once they’ve reached their immediate goals.

I will offer recommendations for your treatment, but your number of sessions and session schedule is always up to you.

How long does individual therapy last?

Individual therapy with me is flexible and designed to best meet your needs.

I recommend that most clients plan for 6-8 sessions, depending on your issues. At a certain point, we will evaluate your progress and determine if further therapy is needed.

Many issues can be addressed using short-term treatment (6-8 sessions). However, some issues like depression and anxiety may require longer term therapy (12+ sessions).

How are individual sessions structured?

Individual therapy always begins and ends with your needs and privacy as the priority. Sessions are one on one with me.

They will last for 50 or 90 minutes depending on what you select, a standard or extended appointment time.

Depending on your issues and goals, there may be occasional homework assignments in between sessions but these are not a requirement for attending counseling sessions.

During the first session, we’ll discuss your background (family and relationship history), current problems, the impact of your problems on your life, and your goals. I’ll work with you to gain clarity on your personal goals and how these can be reached within individual counseling.

We will then spend counseling sessions assessing your problematic patterns, challenging unhelpful beliefs, working toward your goals by targeting changes in your thoughts and behaviors, and problem-solving as weekly issues arise.

Along the way, we will evaluate your progress and determine when your treatment is nearing its end.

At times, we may find it helpful to include family members or your relationship partner in select sessions if this works towards your personal goals.

However, in individual therapy you are in control of whether or not this happens. And, as the primary client and the focus will always be on your individual needs first and foremost, even if others join you for a session.

After you complete individual therapy, we may also decide to end your treatment and transition you into couple or family therapy. This depends on your needs and goals.

I’m having relationship problems with my family or partner. Can individual therapy help or should I do couples or family therapy?

Many clients want to begin individual therapy but are unsure if it can help them address their relationship problems with others.

Whether your having issues with your partner/spouse, parents, siblings, or others in your life, individual counseling can give you insight and change strategies to transform your personal role in your relationship problems.

Many clients find that by changing their own ways of thinking and behaving, others around them respond to the positive changes and their relationships become healthier as a result.

Feel free to contact me and set up a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and if individual therapy is can be useful for you.

What models of therapy do you use for individual therapy?

The particular model of therapy that I use for individual therapy depends on your presenting concerns. The primary modes include:

  • Bowen (theory)
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy

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