Entrepreneurs Coping with Startup Business Stress

Is your start-up business taking a real toll on your mental health? Are you struggling to stay sane while building the next game-changing company?

Entrepreneur therapy can help!  As a relationship therapist and a business owner, I’m well aware of how much your relationship to your new business matters.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.  And as you know, many new businesses fail.  Indeed, a healthy and thriving business absolutely CANNOT be built without a strong, well-positioned leader

But these kind of leaders don’t pop up out of thin air.  Dedication, wise strategies, and getting help when and where you need it are KEY!

At Decision Point Therapy, you won’t get coaching or surface-level “success” tactics that you can find anywhere.  Instead, we’ll do a deep dive into YOUR specific issues and root out the underlying causes of your start-up struggles.  

Together, you and I will:

  • Identify the thoughts, beliefs, and habits keeping you stuck and stressed out while building your start-up business
  • Develop a sustainable and powerful accountability plan for you as build your new business, and
  • Propel you forward with the tools you need to succeed both now and in the long-term!

Some areas we may focus on include:

  • The personal history that led you to entrepreneurship
  • Your motivations for starting a new business and expectations for the path ahead
  • Defining success for yourself as a business owner and entrepreneur
  • The joys and unintended consequences of success
  • Mental health challenges that need to be managed to ensure success
  • Decision-making for your new business and learning from your past decisions, both in business and in life
  • Support or lack of support from your spouse/partner, family, and friends and the impact on you
  • Self-forgiveness of past mistakes and business failings
  • Self-care, self-compassion, and healthy boundaries moving forward

Entrepreneur therapy will allow you to gain clarity, get a new path forward, and make business decisions with confidence.  You’ll gain an edge over other entrepreneurs who are spinning their wheels and ignoring the elephant in the room.

A healthy business REQUIRES a healthy you!

Entrepreneur therapy is offered in office or online – whichever is most convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Ready to Begin?

Frequently Asked Questions About Entrepreneur Therapy

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